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7 Tips to Maintain Your Garage Door in the Summer

The average life span of a garage door is about 15-20 years. It majorly depends on how well you can maintain. Keeping your garage door with regular maintenance, especially in summer, can greatly extend the life of it. However, as a property owner, you should be well aware of garage door maintenance. And that’s where this blog can help. It has brought out a few garage door maintenance tips for summer. So, let’s have a look at these.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for summer

The following tips will help you keep your garage door well-functioning.

1. Wash Your Garage Door

Wash your garage during the warm summer to improve the appearance of it. This approach will remove dirt, grease that accumulates over time. If your garage door is of steel or aluminum, use a mild detergent. And clean it with a damp cloth. As a result, your garage door will look like a new, and you can prevent it from rusting.

2. Apply new Paint

You can apply a fresh coat of paint to your garage door. Choose the same color that your home exterior has. Or, you can create a brand new look by selecting a unique color. And make your garage door stand out.

3. Inspect Hardware

Inspect the hardware to make sure whether there are any wear and tear. You just need to look over all the visible parts. And notice if there are any hinges look loose.

You can perform a door balance test. Lift the door manually. If your garage door slides back down, you need to re-balance it. And don’t forget to check your garage door’s reverse mechanism.

4. Lubricate Hardware

It’s an ideal way to keep your garage door working smoothly during the summer. However, lubricate all the hardware of your garage door. This approach will eliminate screeches and loud noises while operating. And don’t use grease while doing this task.

5. Insulate Garage Door

Garage door insulation is quite beneficial during the summer. With this approach, air conditioning will be kept inside your garage. And you can keep the heat out. It’s not only helpful for your garage but also beneficial for room surroundings. You can stay cooler at your home by insulating your garage door.

6. Reinforce Your Garage Door

You should reinforce your garage door for the areas hit by extreme weather conditions. Make sure there are no holes and openings within your garage. Otherwise, reinforce it properly, and keep your home safe from harm or damages.

7. Clean the Photo Eyes

Clean the photo eyes of your garage door opener. Dirty photo-eye can lead your garage door to malfunction. So, clean them with a soft cloth. And test the door by waving an object in front of the eyes.

These helpful tips can keep your garage door running smoothly. But if you find any damage or wear to your garage door, call professionals. And that’s what we, Johnson’s Garage Door, are. Our experts will repair your garage door within the shortest possible time. So, don’t hesitate to call us.

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