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Commercial Garage Door Repair Services in the Twin Cities

Experiencing problems with the garage door is not a new thing to us! You may encounter some problems with opening or closing the door. The best thing you can do in such a situation is to hire our Commercial Garage Door Repair service. Johnsons Garage Door is a renowned company in Minneapolis, and we have been dealing with all types of garage door repair services for over the years.

We are an authorized distributor of many commercial brands that deal with garage doors and other relevant products. Whatever the issues are, you can expect the same day accomplishment by hiring our professional garage door personnel. Our genuine services are available all across the city, and all you need to do is calling us at – +1 (612) 888-8997.

Why hire Johnsons Garage Door?

  • We always use the best quality materials for repair and replacement.
  • Our experienced team of professionals can deal with any garage door issues.
  • We are available all around the clock, you can contact us at any time.
  • You can expect the same-day accomplishment of the task.
  • We offer emergency services in Twin Cities and surrounding places.
  • Customer satisfaction is always our priority.


When you experience some trouble with the garage door, you look for an immediate solution. That is what Johnsons Garage Door provides in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. If the garage door is not opening properly or taking more time than usual, or if you want to replace it with a new one, call us for the best solutions. We are just a phone call away! After all, the garage door is somehow related to the security of the house, and you cannot put that at stake. Call us anytime at +1 (612) 888-8997, and our skilled technicians will reach your place as soon as possible. We make sure that you get the best results for the garage door.

Same Day Garage Door Repair in Minneapolis and St. Paul

We often take the garage door for granted, and it opens and closes so many times in a day. The smooth functioning of the garage door depends on so many things. If those are ignored for a long time, troubles are obvious. It may be the extension spring, or the torsion spring, or anything else. Remember, only skilled professionals can find out the actual reason and offer genuine solutions to that.

Here, at Johnsons Garage Door, all our professionals are well-trained and experienced. They can inspect the residential or commercial garage door thoroughly to find out the problems and provide genuine solutions. The best thing about our service is that you can expect the same day fixation of the problem. Whether it is spring repair or heavy door replacement or overhead garage door repair, contact us for the best results.

Commercial Garage Door Repair in Minneapolis and St. Paul

If you’re considering commercial garage repair, then we are the best garage door company near you. You can call for installation of steel garage doors, insulated garage doors, and double insulated garage doors and more from us. We also align garage doors and replace or repair garage door springs and openers. To keep your commercial place looking fresh, impressive, and setting its curb appeal, Johnsons Garage Door can also work on weather stripping to make sure that your business is steadily looking its best.

The garage doors work smoothly when all of their parts are accordingly maintained. If any of these separates give trouble, or fail, then the full garage door system can crash, grinding to a pause with a deafening screeching sound that people can hear from the street. This is where inspection comes in – garage door specialists can make sure that there are no issues remains that need to be done and that everything is working as it should.

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