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We, Johnsons Garage Door, have an expanded experience in this field and have dealt with a number of garage door and gate related questions. Some questions that people frequently ask are given here with the answers.

Well, there may be a number of problems that are preventing your garage door from opening smoothly. Broken hinges can be the most probable reason behind the problem that you are facing. Broken or damaged hinges can make you face difficulty while opening the door. Also, a broken spring can make it difficult for you to lift the garage door on your own. A professional garage door repairer will be able to identify the reason behind this complication and help you to get the problem solved.

At first, it’s important to check whether or not you have a console that has a vacation switch and lock button. Most of the times, the lightened pushbutton will be found blinking if the function has been activated. You are advised to push and hold the vacation or lock button for five seconds. Hopefully, the problem will get solved after it. If not, then you can change the battery. If the problem will not get solved after that, then you can consider contacting a reliable garage door repairer.

It depends on the condition of the part that is damaged. Most of the times, the garage door can be brought back to its function just by replacing the damaged item. Sometimes, it becomes an economic solution for a long run to replace the whole garage door.

If you have experience in changing the garage door spring and have the confidence to do it safely, then it’s absolutely fine! But, if the matter is not like that, then you should not make a try to replace the spring of the garage door on your own. There are some people who tried to accomplish this task without hiring professionals and end up getting injured.

Certainly! We provide many people with free advice in a regular manner. We are not only ready to provide you with advice but also can complete the installation on ourselves if you want to give up. Many times, people order wrong materials for a particular application. It makes them get stuck in the middle of the task. In order to prevent yourself from this kind of problem, you are advised to buy the materials from a reliable garage door dealer who will understand your problem the best and provide you with the item you need.

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