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Garage Door in Apple Valley

Our team has been serving the Apple Valley area with excellent quality garage door services for a long time. Each of our technicians holds extensive knowledge and experience in this field. We work with various garage door styles, setups, and sizes while we are familiar with the latest technologies too. We partner with the leading garage door manufacturers so we can supply our clients with excellent products that last for years to come. We service and set up various brands of quality garage doors such as Wayne Dalton garage doors, C.H.I. Overhead Doors, Clopay Door, North Central garage doors, etc.

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Apple Valley Garage Door Repair

At Johnsons Garage Door, you will access a full range of garage door repair in Apple Valley, CA. Do the problems with garage door sensors, springs or alignment need to be fixed? Look no further because we are here to help. Our wide range of facilities include garage door panels and sections replacement, garage door cable repair and replacement, electronic garage door sensor repair, garage door opener repair, garage door roller and hinge replacement, garage door tracks repair and alignment, garage door weather stripping replacement, garage door maintenance, etc.

garage door repair apple valley

Garage Door Opener Repair: A garage door opener is a component that helps in operating the garage doors. There might be various reasons why your garage door opener is not functioning well. And we are experts at troubleshooting all major and minor problems in your garage door opener. Our technician master setting up and servicing all types of garage door openers, from a chain-drive opener, a direct-drive opener, to a belt-drive opener. If you need same-day garage door opener repair and replacement in Apple Valley, Minnesota, contact us today.

Garage Door Panels and Sections Replacement: If you find your garage door panels damaged or broken, call us ASAP. To fix such problems, we replace them with high-quality panels and sections in a quick and efficient process.

Garage Door Roller and Hinge Replacement: We have a solution for your squeaky or rusting garage door hinges. In most cases, we suggest replacing them. At Johnsons Garage Door, our committed team of professionals will quickly replace your garage door roller and hinges in Apple Valley. We ensure that the garage door hinges are lubricated.

Garage Door Track Repair and Replacement: Common reasons for a garage door track replacement are broken cables, roller displacement, defaced rollers, etc. When it comes to fixing your garage door tracks fast, you can trust us. We make sure that before leaving your property, your problem is completely solved and the tracks are aligned and functioning in the correct way.

Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement: Do you think that you need to replace your broken garage door cable for certain reasons? Feel free to contact us. All our staff members have extensive knowledge and expertise to get you a prompt and efficient garage door cable repair and replacement.

Electronic Garage Door Sensor Repair: Various reasons including dirty sensors, damaged components, etc. can lead to a garage door sensor to malfunction. Our garage door technicians are ready to deal with various types of safety sensors, garage door sensors, monitor sensors, etc. We specialize in installing new garage door sensors conveniently and easily.

We have been repairing and replacing garage door parts in Apple Valley for years. Our team of Apple Valley garage door technicians holds the qualification to repair different types of garage doors. We have years of experience in the business.

We always promptly respond to the calls of emergency garage door repair in Apple Valley. Our team will always arrive at your place on time to provide you with a speedy and economic solution. Before we leave your property, we will make sure that your garage door is working properly. Whenever you need a quick and slick “garage door repair near me” in Apple Valley, give us a call.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Are you looking for a “garage doors repair near me”? Johnsons Garage Door is your local garage door specialist in Apple Valley, MN. We have years of experience in installing and servicing overhead doors across Apple Valley. From us, you can get fast and flawless garage door repair and replacement at competitive prices.

With our years of hard work, we have earned a reputation for serving excellent quality products and exceptional customer service. Our service quality will surely exceed the expectations of our clients. We have a long list of happy and satisfied customers throughout Apple Valley area.

Garage Door Service in Apple Valley

A residential or commercial garage door can start malfunctioning for various reasons. The common things that can go wrong with a garage door are faulty garage opener, broken overhead garage door springs, broken or bent rollers, etc. These things often cause your garage door to get stuck. And in some worse cases, your garage door may completely stop working. To fix this, our garage door experts carefully inspect the door system to check out where exactly the problem originates. We will discuss all the details with you and then provide you with an all-inclusive and transparent quote. We strive to get you a quick, efficient, and longer-lasting solution.

At Johnsons Garage Door, you will access a comprehensive range of garage door repair and replacement solutions. We offer a tailored service for faulty garage opener that meets your need and fits right in your budget. If you have any confusion or you want to discuss your requirements with our Apple Valley garage door, MN experts, contact us directly.

Apple Valley Garage Door Installation

Looking for garage door experts for “garage door installation near me” in Apple Valley? Look no further because you have come to the right place. Come and deal with Johnsons Garage Door. We have been serving garage door installation facilities for residential and business properties in Apple Valley for years. We supply as well as install high-quality garage doors that we get from the world’s leading manufacturers and brands.

Our highly experienced garage door installers in Apple Valley will reach the problem site at the right time with all the necessary tools, items, and products for installing the garage door in a secure and efficient process. You can feel relaxed to know that our highly trained and experienced installers will perform the installation in a flawless way.

Garage Door Spring Replacement in Apple Valley

As an essential garage door component, springs play a crucial role. They are responsible for countering the force of gravity on the garage door. Several reasons can make these springs break or these may start to malfunction for several reasons such as everyday wear and tear, rust buildup, poor maintenance, etc.

However, do not try to imply the DIY tricks for replacing a garage door spring. Only qualified garage door experts can solve the problem without making it worse. There are various dangers entailed with DIY garage door spring replacement. If the springs are not handled properly, it can cause damage. Therefore, it will be best to hire professional garage door technicians to deal with the job.

We serve our clients with a team of garage door experts who hold the right training and tools. We perform the garage door spring replacements pretty regularly. This is how we know what it takes to repair the broken springs in a safe and effective way. If you want to find more info about our garage door spring replacement services in Apple Valley, Minnesota, please get in touch with us today.

Garage Door Companies in Apple Valley, MN

Did you just come to notice that your garage door in Apple Valley is not functioning well? Do you think that professional garage door repair/replacement services could help you get out of this? To fix your garage door in a quick and efficient way, you can count on our expert team. Johnsons Garage Door is a family-owned garage door repair company. We specialize in meeting different types of garage door repair and replacement needs in Apple Valley, MN. Do you want to repair the overhead door? Do you need to set up a new garage door? Rely on our highly trained and experienced garage door technicians to get the job done right in no time.

With years of experience as a leading garage door company in Apple Valley, we have a complete understanding of how a broken garage door can affect your daily life. With that in mind, we offer emergency same-day garage door repair services. Both commercial and residential customers in Apple Valley can benefit from these services. Just call us, and our expert garage door repairman will visit your place to repair your garage door on the same day.


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Apple Valley garage door repair

Johnsons Garage Door is a leading garage door company to offer you any kind of residential garage door needs in Apple Valley, MN. If your garage door is broken, or if you need a new garage door to install in we are right here to offer you the same day residential garage door repair and services.

Residential Garage Door Repair

garage door repair in Apple Valley, MN

Johnsons Garage Door is a leading garage door service provider to offer you any commercial garage door needs in Apple Valley, MN. If your garage door is broken, or if you need a new garage door to install in we are right here to offer you the same day commercial garage door repair and services.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Repair and Replacement

The cost actually depends on certain factors. Our technicians will carefully inspect your garage door system to find out what the problem is. Then, they will get you an all-inclusive quote on the spot.

It depends on the current condition or problem of the garage door. In case there is minor damage, the repair will be okay. But in certain worse cases, you might need to replace the garage door entirely.

Yes, we supply garage door and opener parts and accessories of reputed brands and manufacturers. We have a huge inventory of parts so we can meet your needs and solve the relevant problems in a fast and efficient way.

In that case, your garage door system maybe just in need of a little oil. Lubricating the parts solves the problem in basic cases. But if the problem is not solved, you may need to consult experts.


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