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Garage Door Installation

Whenever you aim for a new garage door installation in Minneapolis St Paul, Johnsons Garage Doors have all the answers for you. We are now providing you the most suitable and hassle-free process for a new garage installation at your place. We Work with all Major Brands to make sure you get the overhead door you dreamed about. From the most cost-effective to high-end doors, we have them all!

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Garage Door Installation Near Me

Whether you are running a local enterprise or a large business entity near us, proper doors will definitely put some additional impression on your clients. In the case of residential buildings, the garage is often used as a secondary entrance. You can understand the number of times it will be used every day. Proper Installation will keep it functional all the time and will keep your property and car safe.

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Replacing Garage Door

Are you seeking a garage door replacement provider in Twin Cities? If yes, then this is the right place for you. In recent years, overhead door issues have become very common among garage owners.

Because of Minnesota’s harsh weather conditions, your door may stop operating perfectly after a certain time. Our company is providing full-services from Replacement to new garage installation. We offer a variety of door sales to fit any budget.

Our expert team is qualified to deal with any of your calls for urgent services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Garage Door Companies Near Me

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People often injure themselves while struggling to solve their garage issues on their own. That’s Why our company Provides a Local Solution and A fast response for a garage near you.

Our team has years of practice and skillsets for garage services in Twin Cities and neighbors. If you are living in St Paul, Minneapolis, and Surrounding cities and need a residential or commercial garage company, remember, we are here for you.

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Overhead Garage Doors

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We understand how miserable your situation can be when your garage stops working properly. A broken garage door puts a challenge on the safety and security of your car. Looking at these issues, we are now providing a large choice selection of doors from Single to double garage doors, all on a one-stop-shop near you.

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Choosing a New Garage Door- what do I need to know?

It’s about time for a new Garage Door, And you are having a hard time deciding? Let’s learn about the differences in doors and organize them all
Residential Door Sizes: Width X Height

• Single Garage Doors- can be 8X7 or 9X7. also the height is 7 or 8, usually

• Double Garage Door – Can Be 16X7 18X7 and sometimes 15X7

Door Types

Steel\Aluminum Garage Doors

• Single Layer – is a 1 steel layer or also known as Non-Insulated Door

• Double Layer – also known as Half Insulated Door or Vinyl Back

• Triple Layer – Also Known as Full Insulated or Sandwich Door-this door has 2 layers of steel with foam inside so you are not only
getting better insulation, but you also get Better support for the door by having a Steel Back, which eventually costs by a higher
a quality door as well as quieter- We recommend as best insulated doors

• 4 Layer – is usually a sandwich door that got an additional layer on top such as wood

Steel\Aluminum Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Doors

Are Custom door Made and can be offered in two ways. First, As a solid Wood Door- it can be cut at any size Second as the 4th Layer on a 4 layer door Wood-look garage door- as shown above, the steel doors, you also have a wooden like color based on 2 different brown colors allowing the steel door to look almost identical to a wooden door without the expense of one brings your door cost down.

Glass Garage Door

Is also called full view doors and can be offered for residential and commercial at once. The unique thing about glass doors is not only the nice look but the sunlight that comes in from the garage door and lights up your garage.

Modern Garage Door

We have a wide collection of modern doors

Low Headroom Garage Door

Meant for low ceiling doors with a double track or low headroom hardware to fit your garage doors for a height lower than 7ft.

Commercial Garage Doors

We can fit any size and garage door you might desire, from Sectional Garage Doors to Steel Roll Up Doors and even Sliding Gates.

Our Door Manufacturers

We work with all major brands to provide you with the most variety of doors collection possible.
Amarr- Entermatic, North Central, Door link, C.H.I and, Clopay Door.

We hope we could answer a few of your questions, and if not, you are more than welcome to call to get the best supplier in town and hear more about our garage door sales!

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