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Garage Door Spring Snapped: Fix It Soon!

One of the main springs on a garage door can break. It’s not that uncommon, and it usually means the spring itself isn’t going to fix itself. The most common reason springs break is due to overuse or misuse. A broken spring is almost always repairable, and only in rare cases will the replacement be necessary. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you know what snapped means: it means an elastic material has snapped after being stretched beyond its limit. This is also applicable to springs; if the elastic property of a spring snaps, then it will no longer hold up the weight of the door. Therefore, many people think that garage doors snap from excess weight or use; if the spring can handle it then why not just leave it at that?

What Happens When a Garage Door Spring Breaks?

The garage door will continue to open and close, but it won’t be held up by a spring; it will rely on the weight of the door itself to keep it open. The door will close with a loud bang, and when it opens again it will slam. The weight of the door closing on the spring has snapped it, and now you’ve got a dangerous situation on your hands. The good news is that it’s an easy fix; you just need to replace the broken spring. If you’re having issues with the door not opening or closing properly, you can also replace the garage door spring snapped with heavier ones to correct the issue.

Garage Door Spring Snapped: How to Tell if Your Spring Has Snapped

If you know what to look for, you can tell if a garage door spring has snapped. If the door only partially opens and does not fully close, you’ve probably snapped your spring. Most garage door springs will break at about half their length, so you can keep an eye out for this. If the door is only closing and not opening, then it’s likely that your spring has snapped. Check the length of your springs; a half-length spring is a dead giveaway. There are a few other things you can do to check if your spring has snapped. But they’re a bit more advanced.

If your springs are too short, then they’re likely to snap. If the door doesn’t fully close and you’re not having any other issues with the door, then it’s worth checking your springs. You can also check your door weight. If your spring isn’t strong enough to hold your door up, it’s likely that it’s snapped.

Garage Door Spring Snapped: Garage Door Spring Repair

If you know your spring has snapped, then you must decide if you want to try to repair it or replace it. Repairing a snapped spring is incredibly easy, and can be done by almost anyone with basic mechanical skills. What you’ll need is a pair of needle-nose pliers and a pair of channel-lock pliers. Thread the needle-nose pliers onto the spring and grab both ends of the spring. Pull the pliers up and out until the wire is straight and parallel to the ground. Now grab the ends of the spring with the channel-lock pliers and bend them towards each other. The ends should now be touching and held together by a clamping action.

This action will keep the spring from unraveling, but it will also prevent you from fully unbending it. Next, find the broken section of the spring. This can be done by twisting the pliers as you pull on the spring to get a feel for it. Once you find the broken section, pull firmly, and twist the pliers to de-twist the spring. To fully repair the spring when your garage door spring snapped, slide the pliers to lock them together so the spring is held firmly and in place.

Replace Springs: Replacing Your Broken Springs with Stronger Ones!

The easiest way to repair a snapped garage door spring is to simply replace it with a stronger one. This is a great idea for any garage door. It’s especially important if the spring on your garage door has snapped. When replacing your broken springs with stronger ones, you should go with the same type and length as the original. This is important for balancing the door; you want the weight balanced between the top of the door and the bottom so it doesn’t sag downward. When installing your new springs, put the mounting bracket at the bottom of the door, just above where the bottom rail meets the floor. This will ensure that when you lift the door, it doesn’t sag as much and cause damage to the garage floor or walls. Call garage door spring snapped in Burnsville, MN.

Hire Johnsons Mobile Garage Door Repair:

For your garage door tension springs have an extremely important function, as they keep the doors in an open and closed position, allowing them to move. As such, they require regular maintenance and care, as well as occasional repair or replacement when necessary.

If your garage door spring snapped are old or worn out, they will likely be much weaker than necessary and more prone to breakage. If you do end up having to replace them, it’s a good idea to go with a more high-end model to last.

In addition to the mechanical function of keeping the door in an open or closed position, springs also provide aesthetic appeal and contribute to the overall structural integrity of the door frame. With all these important functions in mind, why not give Johnsons Mobile Garage Door Repair a call today? We can also replace the garage door pulley cable.

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